Investor Relations that add value in practice

Investor Relations are not only relevant to listed companies; all companies are owned by someone, and Investor Relations provide the best possible starting point for nursing the investors whether they are owners, potential owners or opinion leaders.

At many companies there is still much ground to cover before they can achieve their strategic IR goals. How do you move from having low-liquidity stocks, low analyst coverage and low visibility towards greater awareness of your company and investment case ?

Investor Relations in practice and an understanding of the market and investor psychology are at the core of my advisory services. A sharper profile versus the investors is the tool used in the strategic IR work.

Grimberg Communications supports you in:

  • Shareholder composition (targeting)
  • Analyst expectations
  • IPO preparations (internal IR)
  • Compliance
  • Corporate governance
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Digital reporting
  • The electronic shareholder
  • Register of shareholders
  • The equity story
  • Annual General Meetings
  • The IR room on the web
  • Insider administration
  • IR strategy and action plan (annual cycle)
  • Financial PR
  • Capital increases
  • Capital market days
  • Quarterly reporting
  • News distribution
  • IR budget optimisation
  • Perception studies
  • Presentations (PPT, webcast, audiocast)
  • (Equity) reporting to the Board
  • Roadshow management
  • Corporate announcements
  • Social media
  • Annual reports