Annual report – an anchor project in the IR effort

Over the years, the annual report has evolved from being a compliance tool to becoming a key strategic communication channel for companies. To most companies, the financial stakeholders are the primary target group of the annual report. Some would say that it is the most important communication channel to the investors. Others will argue that the annual report as we know it is being challenged by new technological opportunities and has outlived its usefulness.

Grimberg Communications has been involved in the preparation of more than 60 annual reports, has obtained great process experience, and values taking an active stance on the purpose and the level of ambitions as well as the opportunity to extend the lifetime of the annual report by further digitising the content.

My advisory services span an evaluation of the latest annual report over inspirational workshops to the production of text elements and distribution plan for the relevant target groups and channels.

  • Evaluation

  • Message and storyline

  • Research and project launch

  • Production

  • Review

  • Distribution